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Motivational & Keynote Speaking

Our Motivational & Keynote Speaking portfolio is broad and we can provide experts from all disciplines at cost effective rates covering broad subject areas. The most popular speaking topics include:

The ‘S’ ales Factor: You Selling You!

This interactive, entertaining, and inspiring session delivers the key strategies to understand how to sell yourself as well as your product or service. Key content includes the practical techniques to increase self belief, how to improve and inspire clients by using effective communication skills, and the importance of attitude and perception in selling.


If you want your delegates to have fun, laughs and entertainment, but also take away some key tools to turn good into brilliant then this session will make that happen. The session brings anecdotes, laughter, and inspiration to the audience helping them to understand how they can use a number of tools to be – Brilliant. This is one of the most popular sessions and consistently receives outstanding reviews.


If you want your people to take ownership and become the entrepreneur; in other words treating their job as their own business, then this session will deliver the message and encourage delegates to own both their actions and outcomes in their role. Delivered in an engaging manner the delegates will receive real life examples of how this approach makes work more rewarding, drives personal achievement, and increases future opportunity.

7 Secrets of Confidence

A session relevant to all business functions, 7 Secrets of Confidence delivers the key techniques to help increase personal and professional confidence in life and in business. The session is accompanied by an interactive exercise that demonstrates to all delegates that they have the power to immediately crank up their confidence.

Hearts, Minds – And Committed Customers

This session is focused on one thing – Customers. The session explores how trust and engagement with customers is achieved so that they are not only delighted, but also feel a sense of commitment to you. Delegates will focus on three key areas namely engagement, personal connection, and extra mile service.  Delegates take away their PLUS ONE Customer Service Action for immediate implementation to drive the commitment of their customers.

2014 New Year Motivation Boost

  • Would your Team Benefit From A New Year Motivation Boost?
  • Do You Want To Get Your Teams Motivated Straight After The Christmas and New Year Festivities?
  • Are You Looking For a Creative Solution That Will Help Engage and Drive Your Teams Into 2014?

Our Solution

We are pleased to offer a programme designed to lift the drive and energy as they return to work in January 2014. Delivered in an engaging manner this short programme lasts just 2 hours enabling clients to deliver up to three sessions in any one day.

Content enables delegates to find their Mojo as they return to work in January 2014 and focuses upon:

  • Developing the Clear Goal For 2014
  • Building The Cocktail of Success For 2014
  • Implementing the Immediate Tasks for 2014


We offer Spot Prizes and A Chance To Win Copies Of Steve Millers Best Selling Book ‘7 Secrets Of Confidence’



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